Adding remote Bitbucket repository to Plesk fails: Permission denied (publickey)




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    Wilco (Edited )

    Hi there, I just got my first run with Plesk until the git plugin it's amazing. But the git plugin is not working. Looks like this issue, but when I try your solution the complete plugin crashes until I move back the backup't files. 

    What I tried:

    Your solution, result. Did not do a thing

    Tried your solution in the .ssh folder (/var/www/vhosts/, result. Whole plugin crashed, some freaky error page. (got this error screen fixed by changing it all back to how it was)

    The errorpage:

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    Martin Allen

    I have the same issue as above but the fix does not work - I have generated the SSH keys and added them to both Bitbucket and the server as described above. When adding the repository in Plesk, the key it displays is the key I added, so I know this is correct. The key has been added to bitbucket successfully too (directly added as an access key on the repository im trying to clone), but still get the error messages as above.
    Any ideas?

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