How to access a website which exists in Plesk but is not resolved to it from the Internet




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    Usta (Edited )


    I don't know why but the website is offline with no reason. It was working before.

    I checked the IP address page and it's working, it's showing default Plesk page.
    I tried to login FTP via same IP address and it's working.
    Preview page of the IP address is working. It's showing the website.
    DNS addresses are correct.

    E-mail is not working
    Website is not loading

    No connect at all. It was all working a few days ago.

    What should I do at this situation?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Julian Bonpland Mignaquy

    @Usta, The fact that the website shows the default page is a general error. Please open a support ticket with us so we can investigate thoroughly:

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