phpPgAdmin is not available for installation in Plesk Onyx 17.8




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    Arturo Diehl

    About the elimination of pgadmin in plesk, we suggest to the plesk team to reconsider the inclusion of pgadmin again, since the latest version of this software (2018-09-06 - pgAdmin 4 v3.3 Released) has just been released, with adequate security. Please consider that to develop large projects, mysql is not an option and remote access to postgree with a remote pgadmin, is complicated (firewall rules, etc). Thanks.

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    Bato Tsydenov

    @Arturo Diehl

    I would like to draw your attention that phpPgAdmin and pgAdmin are different software.
    The latest version of phpPgAdmin was released in 2013 thus it is not shipped with Plesk anymore.

    As for pgAdmin inclusion in Plesk installation, I recommend you vote for this on Plesk UserVoice portal:

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    phpPgAdmin has had a new release in Dec 2018. They have added official support for PGSQL 9.6, 10, 11, and 12.

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    Nikita Nikushkin (Edited )

    Hello @Sysadmin,

    The corresponding request about such feature implementation already exists on our User Voice portal:

    Include pgadmin for Postgres management in Plesk

    Leave your voice as top-ranked suggestions are most probably will be implemented to future product updates

    I also updated the article and added the link to the user voice request

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