Atomicorp Rule Set/Atomicorp Update Manager does not work on Debian 9/Ubuntu 18.04: E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found




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    Graham Jones

    I followed these instructions exactly. Now I cannot access my server via Plesk Administrator, nor via SSH, plus all of my sites refuse to connect. In other words, this has completely destroyed everything...!

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    Bato Tsydenov

    @Graham Jones

    I would recommend you submit a support ticket so we could check the issue in more details:

    How to submit a request to Plesk support?

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    Matthias Gaede


    I have opened a ticket at Atomicorp - and at the end i got the message that support for debian 9 and ubuntu 18 is available...

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    Artyom Volov (Edited )

    Hello @Matthias Gaede,

    Thank you for your update!

    This information was passed to the Development Team.

    We will update you as soon as we get any new information.

    Also, the article was updated to display the new information about support of Debian 9 and Ubuntu 18 by Atomicorp.

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    Matthias Gaede

    Hi Artyom,

    thank you for your quick reply... Looking forward to hearing from you again soon


    Best regards


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    Rafael Wlotzka (Edited )

    Regarding my today´s ticket with Atomicorp support for Ubuntu 18 will be available in summer 2019.

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    Denis Bykov


    Thank you for sharing this information!

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