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    Lars Doe (Edited )

    How do I install a downloaded cert from server A in server B?

    I got a pem-file that apparently doesn't contain a private key, therefore Plesk (17.8.11) only shows "Unable to find the appropriate private key for the certificate"

    Seems like it's only possible to manually copy the key/cert/ca as text from Plesk and create a new cert on the new server. Would be more convenient to be able to download a cert completely to install it on another server.

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    Daria Gavrilova

    Hello @Lars Doe,

    Thank you for your question.

    In order to upload the downloaded certificate on server B please follow next steps:
    1. Login to Plesk on server B.
    2. Navigate to Extensions and install SSL It! extension.
    More information about the extension installation you may find here: How to manage Plesk extensions (install, disable, remove, update)
    3. Once the extension is installed, navigate to Domains > > SSL/TLS Certificates.
    4. Upload the downloaded .pem file by clicking on Upload button:

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