In Plesk, how to pass requests to the application listening on a local TCP port, so this port would not be displayed?




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    Gkhan Yuksel


    I want to listen 80 and 443 port . Then redirect them to 8069 port. How I can do that using "Additional nginx directives" (If I add custom conf file, plesk overrides my conf file, so I have to do it over plesk panel)

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Gkhan,

    To achieve your goal, replace port 3000 to 8069 in the described solution in the article.
    Make sure that there is some application listening on correct IP and on port 8069.
    For example, running the command below in SSH:
    ss -tlpn | grep :8069
    It should display an application and its information.

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    Gkhan Yuksel

    Thanks for your respond. I have done your suggestion image below. It does not work for me.

    (if I delete  zz010_psa_nginx.conf file from "/etc/nginx/conf.d" directoriy. My custom file works. )


    Whe I run this code "ss -lnp | grep 8069". it shows "tcp    LISTEN     0      128       *:8069                  *:*  "

    I do not know what is meaning.

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    Gkhan Yuksel

    Hi, i found solution. When I uncheck "serve static files directly by nginx" it start working. (after reboot server)

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    Artyom Volov

    Hello @Gkhan Yuksel,

    Thank you for the update.

    Glad to hear that the issue was resolved!

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