How can a mailbox owner reset the password for his mailbox in Plesk?



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    Johannes Schlichenmaier

    This is not a reset of a password, this is just setting a new password if you already have the password (or have access to the mail address on Plesk).

    There is an inbuilt way to do this, but right now (or again with Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition Version 18.0.36) it's a bit janky:

    You (or the mail user) can add an external address (let's say private@exdomain.tld) to their mail account (say name@pleskdomain.tld) with the stated purpose to reset the password.

    On the Plesk-Login you have the "Password Forgotten" Link. There you can select E-Mail (pre-selected) and have to state the external mail address.

    * If you state your Plesk domain mail address name@pleskdomain.tld nothing happens!
    * If you have this external address private@exdomain.tld provided for multiple mail addresses, you'll get a password reset mail for each mail address (identifiable with the login in the mail)
    * If you have a customer account set up with the external mail address private@exdomain.tld you will only get the password reset for the customer account. So it's not directly possible to reset your mail account...

    This is hard to communicate to users and should be simplified. Either allow Plesk domain mail addresses for mail or user info when resetting the password or at least send out the respective mails even if the mail address private@exdomain.tld is used for a customer account.

    BTW: Using a user name/name in the password forgotten mask this seems to do nothing at all... Neither with the customer account, nor with one of the mail addresses.

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