Configurable Options are not being recognized properly between Plesk & WHMCS: Error code: 1013. Error message: There is no such a service plan




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    Gavin Botica

    These instructions appear incomplete. Do we need to assign this Plesk "no sites" add-on to a WHMCS configurable option, or is it somehow sufficient to just have the add-on created in Plesk? 

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    Gavin Botica

    I've been doing some testing to try and figure this out. I've created the "no sites" add-on in Plesk and I have set up a plans Configurable Options as per WHMCS instructions:

    It works fine if one of the configurable options is selected, but if the "none" option is used I get the "Error code: 1013. Error message: There is no such a service plan" error.

    So it appears that the "no sites" add-on needs to be set for the "None" option, but that means it will actually associate that add-on with the subscription in Plesk, which is not a very good solution.

    Am I missing something?

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    Alexandr Bashurov

    @Gavin Botica,

    It's required to put the addon name into the WHMCS configurable option.

    So, the addon should be either renamed to "None" in Plesk in Service Plans > Hosting Plans, or option should be named as "no sites" in WHMCS in Setup > Product/Services > Configurable Options.

    The article will be updated to properly cover this point.

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    Gavin Botica

    @Alexandr Bashurov

    Thank you for the clarification.

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