How to speed up the long-running migration




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    James Smith

    Plesk onyx restore is very slow than before. 80 mbs takes around 20 minutes before it used to be 1 or 2 maximum.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @James,

    Such behavior is not typical for Plesk Onyx.

    To investigate the issue consider contacting technical support.

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    Sathiya (Edited )

    I have migrated below data it takes 18 hours to complete its really slow even both servers in same network.

    Both server having dedicated 3 MBPS connection speed

    Disk usage 52.7 GB 
    Traffic 4.65 GB 
    Active domains 130 
    Domains 151 
    Subdomains 68 
    Mailboxes 336 
    Forwarders 0 
    Mail groups 42 
    Auto-replies 7 
    Mailing lists 0 
    Web users 0 
    MySQL databases 64 
    MSSQL databases 62

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    Alexandr Bashurov


    Migration speed may differ based on the many factors, such as the type of data transferred.
    IO operations on small files, for example, tend to be way slower due to the way how file systems work.

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