Plesk upgrade failed: python callback <bound method RPMTransaction.callback of <yum.rpmtrans.RPMTransaction instance at 0x7f6f290>> failed, aborting!




  • I don't get any output on the 'package-cleanup --dupes' 

    So I don't know what to remove.......  Did you try the command on the server ?

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    Kuzma Ivanov


    Well, the output of this command cannot be empty. For example, here is what I get on my server:

    Without the yum-utils package installed:

    # package-cleanup --dupes
    -bash: package-cleanup: command not found

    With the yum-utils package installed:

    # package-cleanup --dupes
    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror

    So am I correct that it does not return anything on your server?

    Also, is the error message you see in /var/log/plesk/install/autoinstaller3.log the same as in this article?

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