What is SEO KPI in Plesk SEO Toolkit?




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    Jan Runge

    Hi, this seems not to be working 100% correct. our page has far more search results on google.de vs. google.ch, yet google.ch is displayed as search engine, which doesnt make sense. How can I change that to google.de?

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    Alexandr Tumanov

    @Jan, currently it is not possible to change the search engine. Can you specify the domain name?

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    Alexandr Tumanov

    Jan, it was counted by "Static Ovi" instead of keywords. Currently, it was switched to use keywords.

    Please, reinstall the extension.

    google.de: 38508 Keywords; 92,00 Visibility
    google.at: 1995 Keywords; 72,20 Visibility

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    Janusz Paśkiewicz



    What about other google search engines?

    I have a licence and need to work with google.pl (Poland).

    Is it possible?




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    Alexandr Nikolaenko

    Hi Janusz,

    google.pl is not yet implemented. Once it is added, the article will be updated.

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    Mehmet Dabanıyassı

    Merhaba Siteme girdim ve hızlı bir şekilde kelimelerle yükselmeye başladım, ancak lisansın süresi dolduğunda sıralamam geri çekilebilir 

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Mehmet,

    To give you the precise answer, is it possible to repeat your question using one of the languages, which technical support can speak? Unfortunately, automatic translation of your question does not convey the meaning.

    Plesk Support is possible in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japaneese.

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