Backup Manager shows the warning: Some of the files in the FTP storage are not shown in the list




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    Senol Sonek

    There is only one hidden file (.quota) on our remote server. Why Plesk checks hidden files on the remote storage? Our remote FTP provider need to have that file for limitation reasons. You should fix this with next update. Plesk should not see hidden files and check their naming convention...

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    Alexandr Redikultsev (Edited )

    Hi, @Senol Sonek.

    As of now, Plesk is checking hidden files and folders on the remove FTP storage, and if you think that this behavior should be changed, please submit a request for changing this functionality our uservoice portal:

    As an alternative, I suggest creating a folder on remove FTP storage to store the backups. For example, if backups are stored on now and there is a .quota file there, create and configure Plesk to store backups there.

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