WordPress Toolkit scan fails with the error: Task is not responding: id=2133, pid=11088, type=ext-wp-toolkit-task\manage




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    Liam Coyle

    Thanks for finding the bug and I hope the fix is available soon

    We are also moving accounts from this server to another plesk server to balance the load better

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    Tobias Steiner

    Dear Plesk team,

    just wanted to ask if there's a projected date for this bugfix available?

    thanks in advance, and all best!

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    Taras Ermoshin

    Hello Tobias Steiner!

    There is no ETA for bugfix available at the moment. Considering that the issue described in this article is quite rare, so could you please double-check that the issue you are facing is the same as described in the symptoms?

    If there are some additional symptoms, please search the knowledge base for similar articles and consider submitting a ticket to us.

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    Dharmadhar Behera

    after Domains > example.com > WordPress > Scan i am also getting same error.


    please help

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Dharmadhar Behera,

    In your case, there may be a different cause.

    I would suggest the following:

    1. Enable Plesk debug.

    2. Check Plesk panel log for more specific messages which may be searched in our knowledge base.

    In case this would not help, consider submitting a support request.

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