Website hosted on Plesk server is not accessible: Too many redirects




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    Unknown User

    It drives me crazy and now I'm totally frustated to use plesk panel. Really hope in the future this bug could be fixed.

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    Robert Asilbekov

    @Alwan Rosyidi It is not a Plesk bug, but a webserver "feature" when the ".htaccess" instructing server send redirect to www, while the website code sending opposite redirects to non-www URL. Webserver sending all redirects to client browser which in turn have protection from redirect loops.

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    Furkan Başer (Edited )

    Robert Asilbekov . if don't about a plesk bug.. i have 11 website on my webhost edition onyx?  why all sites giving same error? Yes?

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    Denis Bykov

    @Furkan Başer
    As it was explained earlier, this particular issue is caused by the discrepancy of settings defined in web service configuration and web application itself.
    Plesk must ensure that rewrite rules configured by a user for Apache or Nginx, or the ones defined in '.htaccess' are applied, even if it creates a conflict the application code, which results in the error.

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    I just recently started getting this error myself. When  a few days ago, i could just click the button "Sync" and it would take  a staging site and point it to the live site without any issue. Now, when you click sync  it will start and then crash saying too many redirects. When you go to the live site you the only thing that shows is the home page. Ended up having to manually set the site up, but i hope this features starts working again. It is an extremely convenient feature. 

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    Alexandr Tumanov

    @Reed, make sure that you don't have additional rewrite configurations in Apache & nginx settings. Also, check SEO 301 redirect option in Hosting Settings and make sure that you are not forcing the domain to www or non-www when your CMS configured inside to work with www or non-www only.

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