Website is working slowly on PHP-FPM: server reached max_children setting or Bad file descriptor (9)




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    Markus Wernecke

    Great help and tutorial ! Thanks a lot

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    Sharul Hafiz

    Possible to apply this setting to all domains with single file editing? I have lots of domains to be configured 1 by 1

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    Nikolay Zhmuk

    @Sharul Hafiz You can check the article mentioned in Additional Information section -
    Keep in mind that increasing of pm.max_children parameter for all domains can affect the server performance significantly. It is better to filter only affected domains in /var/log/plesk-phpXX-fpm/error.log file
    grep "server reached max_children setting" /var/log/plesk-phpXX-fpm/error.log
    and adjust max_children just for them.

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