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    Mike de Leeuw

    I wish I never had pushed on Copy Data. The copied website is being redirected to original domain and no way to get it back. We used backups, no luck.

    Can somebody tell me which files we have to check so the dahm redirect is gone?

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    Konstantin Annikov (Edited )


    As it said in the article, first of all it is needed to connect new database to the copied WorPress website. For that, please go to Plesk > Websites & Domains > example.com > Databases and check what database name, username and password are defined here. Once you have these parameters, please define them in /var/www/vhosts/example.com/httpdocs/wp-config.php file (DB_NAME option for database name, DB_USER for database user and DB_PASSWORD for user's pasword)

    Then please insert the website's name in the same file. Just add WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL variables inside as it is described on WordPress official website: 


    Also, it is needed to check the database of the destination website and pay attention to wp_options table. 

    Reply me if you need more information on this. 

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    Martine Kooi (Edited )

    The resolution given does not work properly either. You say the best way to copy a WordPress site in order to avoid the issue described in this article is to use WordPress Toolkit Cloning feature. And that the WordPress Toolkit will handle the changes automatically. Unfortunately cloning the website gives the same problem. In first instance it looks like everything works fine, but since a few months the cloned website switches back to the original (the cloned) domain after a few days. 

    Please solve this Plesk issue. With kind regards, Martine

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    Alexandr Nikolaenko


    There are no preconditions when Plesk or WordPress Toolkit could revert back changes in cloned WordPress instance. Especially considering, that it was working fine for several months.
    Most probably the backup of staging website was restored to production instance and overwrote database and "wp-config".

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    Martine Kooi (Edited )

    I think you misunderstood me Alexandr Nikolaenko.

    The cloned Wordpress websites are not redirected after working for several months. 

    It is SINCE a few months that cloned Wordpress websites get a redirect to the original domain after a few days... Before (let's say February, March 2019) I did not have this problem.


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    Nikita Nikushkin

    Hi @Martine Kooi,

    If the issue can be reproduced on your server in the following way:

    1. Clone a website
    2. After a few days, a redirect from the cloned website to the initial one appears

    we will be glad to investigate this issue deeper

    Please create a request to the Support Department:

    How to submit a request to Plesk support?

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