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    Mike de Leeuw

    I wish I never had pushed on Copy Data. The copied website is being redirected to original domain and no way to get it back. We used backups, no luck.

    Can somebody tell me which files we have to check so the dahm redirect is gone?

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    Konstantin Annikov (Edited )


    As it said in the article, first of all it is needed to connect new database to the copied WorPress website. For that, please go to Plesk > Websites & Domains > example.com > Databases and check what database name, username and password are defined here. Once you have these parameters, please define them in /var/www/vhosts/example.com/httpdocs/wp-config.php file (DB_NAME option for database name, DB_USER for database user and DB_PASSWORD for user's pasword)

    Then please insert the website's name in the same file. Just add WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL variables inside as it is described on WordPress official website: 


    Also, it is needed to check the database of the destination website and pay attention to wp_options table. 

    Reply me if you need more information on this. 

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