Where to find panel.ini full documentation?




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    First of all, the Panel.ini editor extension does not list all settings (e.g., ext-letsencrypt options ar missing!).

    Second, the options are not explaind. For example, what is the userActivityTracking option group about? Can I disable this? It feels as if this is about tracking the usage behavior of Plesk?

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    Konstantin Annikov


    1. This Plesk extension does not manage the extension's functionality. You can find the description about such settings in our documentation: 


    If you wish Panel.ini editor to manage extensions settings also, please submit a request at


    2. Such functionality is not implemented in the extension also. So, you can submit such feature too: 

    As for userActivityTracking , it one of the parameters that is using internally to track Plesk's user actions.  We do not recommend to modify this value. 

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    Well, this is not a feature request. It should be standard for a software, that all potential options are documented!


    Regarding userActivityTracking: Can you explain this feature? Is this data that is collected on the server and sent to plesk.com?

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    Bato Tsydenov



    userActivityTracking will allow collecting data about user activities such as changing Services, Plesk settings or actions which raised errors/warnings in Plesk UI.
    It will be documented as soon as the feature is implemented.

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