Unable to change document root for a website in Plesk: It is impossible to change document root because there are web applications installed on this website




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    Ian Tresman (Edited )

    This is inflexible in the follow setup:

    • www.mydomain.com, Document root: /mydomain.com
    • dev.mydomain.com, Document root: /mydomain.com

    I would make the following comments:

    1. If the dev.mydomain.com document root is changed, the application will not stop working, because it runs from www.mydomain.com. Wordpress was originally installed to the dev staging directory.
    2. I also can't remove the app, because it is in use by the live www.mydomain.com
    3. I want to change the dev.mydomain.com document root, so that I can remove the dev subdomain. (Plesk tells me it will remove all related files). If I change the document root, then I can safely remove it.

    In my opinion, there should be an option to override the restriction, or, I should be able to "unlink" the app from the directory so I can change the directory.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Ian Tresman

    Thank you for the feedback and for sharing your user experience.

    Feel free to create a feature suggestion here.

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    I did copy to the new location but the vhosts are still pointing to the old directory. Can you please assist

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