DKIM does not work: DKIM verify result: DKIM verification failed: signature verification failed




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    I follow your steps, but after install the new DK sign and enabling Use DKIM spam protection system to sign outgoing email messages in mail server setting the saying that my email does not contain a DKIM Signature. Why it happened like that. does the DK sign file has a problem?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Fahd!

    Please, let me know, what Plesk version do you use and OS version?

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    Jan van Leeuwen


    I have Plesk 17.8.11 on Ubuntu 14.04.

    Will this help to cure "DKIM-signature verification failed"?




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    Anton Maslov

    Hello Jan,

    That particular problem does not exist in 17.8, it was fixed in 17.0, however, the error itself is general and the reason might be in something else.

    I recommend to review /var/log/maillog for more details and try to search with additional symptoms.

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    Jan van Leeuwen


    the errors shown are

    db_check[12345]: DKIM verify result: DKIM Feed: No signature

    plesk sendmail[12345]: Canonname is not correct fqdn

    plesk sendmail[12345]: It is impossible to detect the FQDN of the host. Please make sure that the hostname is correctly specified in /etc/hosts and goes right after the host's IP address. Depending on your OS, you might need to set the host in /etc/HOSTNAME or /etc/hostname.


    there seems to be a problem with  etc/hosts and etc/hostname


    etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost rs123456
    # The following lines are desirable fpr IPv6 capable hosts
    ::1 localhost.localdomain localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
    ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
    ff02::1 ip6-allrouters
    37.999.999.123 server





    I guess "rs12345" must be changed in ""

    Since it is a vserver I will have to ask the Provider if that does not cause problems with them.

    Also it seems that magicspam cannot handle IPv6, is that a known problem?




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    Maxim Krasikov

    Hello @Jan van Leeuwen,

    If the solution with changing hostname is not helpful, please contact Plesk support for assistance:

    We don't have information about MagicSpam restrictions. I suggest contacting MagicSpam community or support available using the link below for assistance:

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