How to change log rotation settings for all domains at once?




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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Gianluca!

    Thank you for noticing, links were fixed.

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    Denis Bykov


    I verified the fix and added the updated script to the article. Thank you for your input.

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    Christopher Danks

    the windows does not work on Onyx 17.8

    a quick fix


    Replace the 3 top lines:


    @echo off
    set /p password="Please enter your Plesk administrator password: "

    "%plesk_dir%\MySQL\bin\mysql.exe" -uadmin -p%password% -P8306 psa -s -r -e "select name from domains" > domains.txt


    with these 2 lines:


    @echo off
    plesk db -s -r -e "select name from domains" > domains.txt

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    Both the links to download (for Plesk 12.5 and older or for Plesk Onyx and newer) are wrong.

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