[HUB] Troubleshooting Statistics Issues in Plesk for Windows


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[HUB] Troubleshooting Statistics Issues in Plesk for Windows

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows


Plesk uses the following components to obtain statistics:

  • " Statistics.exe " utility records monthly statistical data to tables in the "psa" database.
  • " Webalizer/Awstats " utilities store statistics in user-­friendly format accessible via a web browser.

"Statistics.exe" utility



The Statistics utility performs the following tasks:

  • Processes the following log files for the services which produce the majority of network traffic:
  • IIS: %plesk_vhosts%\domain_name\statistics\logs\W3SVC\<number>
  • Mail logs (for MainEnable): %plesk_dir%\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\Logging\
  • FTP logs: %plesk_vhosts%\Servers\<ID>\logs

  • Records monthly statistics data to the psa.\* tables. There following tables contain statistics data:

  • Stat -­­ stores overall traffic for every domain calculated for a monthly period.
  • DomainsTraffic -­­ contains domain traffic statistics differentiated by application protocols and directions (in/out).
  • ClientsTraffic -­­ contains customer traffic statistics calculated as the sum of a customer's domains statistics.

How it works:

Since Plesk 11.5 for Microsoft Windows algorithm of statistic calculation has been changed, and web statistic calculated in two steps:

  1. On the first step during Daily Maintenance Script , Plesk parses all statistic data and processes IIS logs in order to prepare it for web-statistic engine (Webalizer or AWstats). As result, during execution Daily Maintenance Script Plesk generates files, which will be used on the second step. For example:

  2. On the second step, 'web_statistics_executor.exe' utility processes all log files, prepared on the first step and web statistic web pages for all websites.

Webalizer/Awstats Utility:

Webalizer/Awstats convert the statistical information into a user-­friendly HTML format and place it to these folders:

  • %plesk_vhosts%\<domain_name>\.plesk\statistics\<domain_name>\webstat
  • %plesk_vhosts%\<domain_name>\.plesk\statistics\<domain_name>\ftpstat


  • AWStats: %plesk_dir%Additional\AWstats\wwwroot\cgi-bin
  • Webalizer %plesk_dir%Additional\webalizer\conf

Note: The conf directories can be found in the Windows registry:


  1. Try to Calculate statistic for one domain according to #213936305 article. In case of statistic has been generated successfully, go to next step.
  2. Check that Scheduled Daily Task is present on the server according to the #213415049 article.

To check errors reported by Daily Task use the #213394209 article.

If after investigations it is required to regenerate statistic from a particular date use #213391349 article .

For other problems please check the articles below or contact Plesk Technical Support :

Frequently used articles:

#213391909 How can statistic be recalculated for one or more domains?
#213902565 Webalizer statistics is not being updated: "Unable to restore run data"
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#213932985 Webstats not getting calculated (AWStats, Windows)

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