[How to] Sitebuilder upgrade was not completed for some reason, how do I finish it?


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[How to] Sitebuilder upgrade was not completed for some reason, how do I finish it?

Applicable to:

  • Plesk Sitebuilder for Linux


One of the following symptoms can take place:

1) Old version is displayed on login page of Plesk Sitebuilder: Log in to Plesk Sitebuilder <version> for Unix/Linux.

2) Sitebuilder database is not upgraded, old version is shown in table config\_param  and old version is specified in file /usr/local/sitebuilder/.version (/opt/sitebuilder/.version for Debian).

For example, you upgraded Plesk Sitebuilder to version 4.2.3 but version 4.2.0 is shown in Sitebuilder configuration.

Sitebuilder base components was not upgraded correctly:

    # cat /usr/local/sitebuilder/.version

Sitebuilder database was not upgraded:

    mysql> select * from config_param;
| id | config_section_id | name                | value      |
|  1 |                 1 | version             | 4.2.0      |
|  2 |                 1 | build               | 2008051215 |
|  3 |                 1 | active_license_key  | 6          |
|  4 |                 1 | modules_api_version | 4.2.0      |
|  5 |                 1 | patch_level         |            |
5 rows in set (0.02 sec)


  1. Incorrect Sitebuilder server is checked.

If you access Sitebuilder admin login interface with http://sitebuilder.your-domain.com/Admin from the command line check that Sitebuilder application is configured accordingly for the server:

    # sb_config --help | grep sb_host
 --sb_host_ip           Create virtual host on the specified IP [IP_ADDRESS]
 --sb_hostname        Sitebuilder virtual host name [sitebuilder.your-domain.com]

Where IP\_ADDRESS belongs to Sitebuilder server and hostname sitebuilder.your-domain.com is resolled to IP\_ADDRESS.

2\. Verify that all base Sitebuilder packages are installed and reinstall them if needed. For example:

    # rpm -q sitebuilder sitebuilder-core sitebuilder-selinux

Use command dpkg -l sitebuilder sitebuilder-core sitebuilder-selinux on Debian.

3\. Check that correct version is set in table config\_param of Sitebuilder database. You may finish database upgrade with the following commands

    # echo 4.2.0 > /usr/local/sitebuilder/migrate
# sb_config --migrate_all
# sb_config --update_modules

on Debian:

    # echo 4.2.0 > /opt/sitebuilder/migrate
# sb_config --migrate_all
# sb_config --update_modules

Where 4.2.0 is old version of Plesk Sitebuilder.

NOTE : Do not forget to backup old Sitebuilder database before doing any repairing actions:

    # mysqldump sitebuilder3 > sitebuilder3.sql

IMPORTANT: Structure of Sitebuilder sites has been changed since version 4.0. Do not perform sites migration with the command above when upgrading from version 4.0 or lower.

Additional Information

Name of Sitebuilder database may differ. You may get it name using Sitebuilder sb\_config:

    # /usr/local/bin/sb_config --help | grep db_name
 --sb_db_name         Sitebuilder database name [sitebuilder3]
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