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Web Essentials bundle

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 11.x for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux


Web Essentials bundle was offered in Plesk 11. It is a set of four website applications:

  • CloudFlare Performance Plus
  • CodeGuard Pro Backup
  • StopTheHacker
  • Unity Express Pro

Key Benefits

Optimize, protect, and extend your website

  • CloudFlare Performance Plus: Accelerated website performance – will load 2x faster on average and is more secure
  • CodeGuard Pro Backup: Automatic daily backup so you can recover quickly should anything go wrong
  • StopTheHacker: 24-hour website protection from hacker attacks and Web malware
  • Unity Express Pro: Create a mobile version of your site that runs on any mobile phone, plus get lead-generation tools

Free Marketing Tools and Advertising Credits – $535.00 value

  • FREE $100 Google Ad Credits
  • FREE $50 Facebook Ad Credits
  • FREE Click-to-call widget subscription from Infratel ($60 value)
  • FREE 25 Fotolia Images ($325 Retail Value)

Application installation instructions

Technically, the Web Essentials APS package is a dummy application which does not manage software installation itself. When purchasing Web Essentials, you receive activation codes for the four listed APS applications, plus free marketing tools and advertising credits. The applications then have to be installed one-by-one.

Please see the detailed installation instructions here .

Additionally, CloudFlare installation instructions are available here .

Getting support

Support for APS applications included in the bundle is provided by their respective manufacturers.

Refer to the corresponding vendor with any questions about APS application functionality:


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