Website on Plesk shows error 403 Access forbidden on Windows




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    James Lapp

    I am using Plesk Onyx on an Windows 2008R2 server. Nothing I tried worked until this:
    Home-> subscriptions->{domain}->Hosting Settings
    Assure checkbox is unchecked under
    Web statistics (Protect access to your web statistics with your FTP username and password [ ])
    This still would not allow access and the 403 error continued. Tried other suggestions. Nothing worked

    To resolve the issue I had to log into the server using Remote Desktop and open up IIS7. After navigating to the web site and the plesk-stat/webstat sub directory

    Click on Default Document and add index.html

    This allowed me access to the web stats using http://{domain}/plesk-stat/webstat/

    Hope this is helpful to others. It was extremely frustrating. 

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    Ivan Postnikov

    @James Lapp

    Thank you for sharing the example of the issue discussed in the article with us.

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