Cannot publish static page: PHP or ASP.NET are missing


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Cannot publish static page: PHP or ASP.NET are missing

Applicable to:

  • Plesk Sitebuilder


When I try to publish my site, that does not contain any page with modules, I get an error about missing PHP or not installed ASP.NET:

The specified site location does not support dynamic pages. PHP is not installed.


Cannot publish site because the publishing location
status is 'Static only'. If you want to publish anyway, please remove all modules from your site.
ASP.NET is not installed or is configured incorrectly


A static page content is independent of the user or of the request time. Such pages do not require special server processing. They do not contain any modules and are not modules themselves. Exceptions are the Script and Flash Intro modules.

A dynamic page content changes at the user's request and can depend on the time. Such pages require special server processing for their generation. They contain some modules or are modules themselves. For example, a page with the Forum topics list.


Statistics module is enabled for the site.


Verify that Statistics module is enabled. Login to Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder as admin and check site preferences:

Sites > %site alias% > Statistics Settings

If you see " Statistics is turned on " that means that Statistics module is enabled on the site. Consider disabling the module to make the site static.

Additional information

Tracking Visits to Site

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