Unable to login to email via IMAP despite the fact the limits are not exceeded: Connection to storage server failed: process_limit reached




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    Faris Raouf

    May I suggest that the title be changed to "IMAP or Webmail login fails with ..."

    This suggestion is because we experienced this issue and initially did not look at this article because the subject I was looking for was IMAP as the problem we were experiencing was not directly related to roundcube. (it was too many regular IMAP connections)

    Incidentally, although I have not investigated fully, it appears as though fail2ban added the IP address of users trying to login to webmail while this issue was occurring due to the "login failed" error message. This is understandable, and I mention it only because it might be sensible for people to check their fail2ban IP block lists and remove any IPs that were added via the roundcube jail after experiencing this issue.

    Finally, it might be good to add a note to say that /var/log/Plesk/modules/monit.log will not be present on all systems (unless the appropriate module is installed).

    But when I did eventually find this article it helped me resolve the problem immediately and I'm very thankful that it was posted.

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @Faris, Thank you for providing your suggestions they make sense. The article was modified accordingly.

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