How to get support directly from Plesk?


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How to get support directly from Plesk?

How to get support directly from Plesk?

If you purchased your Plesk license from a Plesk Partner, you should get support from that provider. Plesk partners are fully trained by Plesk and deliver best-in-the-industry support for Plesk products running on their infrastructure.

However, if you want to get a support directly from Plesk company, you may purchase a support subscription.

Subscriptions terms

  • Support is not provided for the EOLed versions of Plesk:
  • Subscription has a free trial period - 1 month. If you order a subscription for a certain license number for the first time, then you will be charged $0 for the first month and $10 for each next month.

    Here is the sample schedule of payments:

    Date Payment size
    Day of purchase $0
    Day of purchase + 1 month $10 + taxes
    Day of purchase +2 months $10 + taxes
  • Support is provided 24/7

  • A number of incidents: unlimited.

How may I purchase it?

  1. You should try to submit a ticket in order to get a unique link to a store. Go to support contact form and enter your license key and other details.

  2. If the license was purchased from a Plesk partner you will see the warning below. Click "Plesk Online Store" to purchase the support subscription:

  3. After you purchased subscription go back to ticket contact form and enter key again, now you will be allowed to create a ticket.

Getting assistance

In case you face any issues with support subscriptions, please contact our Inside Sales team.

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