What APS is and how it fits into the Parallels Plesk Automation?


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What APS is and how it fits into the Parallels Plesk Automation?

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows

What is APS?

APS Packaging is a set of specifications for provisioning, managing, and integrating cloud-based apps and services. The standard was designed from the ground up for new world of SaaS distribution, and supports the full service life cycle of SaaS offerings. APS enables efficiencies and extends reach by helping ISVs and service providers sell together using a common platform.

You can learn more from FAQ section on http://apsstandard.org site.

Does PPA support APS?

Yes, PPA supports APS standard. There are two types of APS controllers implemented in PPA - APS 1.x and APS 2.x versions. If you are going to provide an application to your customers as APS application, please learn more about APS standard here .

What APS versions (1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0) are officially supported in PPA?

PPA fully supports APS 1.2 and below.

APS 2.0 is supported with the following limitations:

  • it is not enabled by default on PPA license.
  • APS 2.0 cannot work with Plesk objects (like mailboxes, databases), but this data can be obtained via Plesk API .
  • No certification of APS packages for PPA exists at the moment. Application packager is the one fully responsible for its quality and support.

Note: in case you would like to enable APS 2.0 support on your PPA license please contact your sales account manager.

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