How to redirect webmail from HTTP to HTTPS on a Linux server




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    João Alves



    I've followed the solution 2.2 (Onyx) without luck.

    I've also restarted the services after the reconfigure.





    Can you help please?

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    João Alves

    Please ignore, I've inserted the code below, not above </virtualhost>.


    my bad, it's working

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    Lev Iurev

    @João Alves Glad to know:)

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    João Alves (Edited )

    Thank you for this how to !



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    Ralph Jäger

    Adding this line works for me obtaining the Let's Encrypt certificate

    ProxyPass /.well-known/acme-challenge/ !


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    Jeffrey Zeunert

    Thank you for this article. I was able to make this redirect and experienced no downtime for my client's sites. I'm wondering, however, if creating the Plesk configuration template undid configuration changes I made probably in httpd.conf file? DirectoryIndex changed and loads html files first whereas it had been loading php files first.


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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Jeffrey Zeunert


    This is expected behavior.

    Applying configuration template deletes all changes done manually in Apache/Nginx configuration files.

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    Nucleus Inc. NOC

    I think the best solution to this would have a checkbox on the "mail settings" page for domains to enable 301 redirect when applying a SSL cert, just like there is on the "hosting settings" page.


    Please vote for this!

    it will fix all these problems without admins having to mess around in config files that could get overwritten by updates.

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