[How to] Allow a reseller to manage it's own SpamAssassin settings


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[How to] Allow a reseller to manage it's own SpamAssassin settings

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 11.x for Linux


How to enable SpamAssassin management option for a certain reseller account so that reseller could manage SpamAssassin settings?


Plesk admin can grant the following permission to a reseller: Allows/Prohibits managing spam filter for individual mailboxes.

In order to enable or disable this option for a reseller, run the following:

# plesk bin reseller_pref -u JDoe -manage_spamfilter true
# plesk bin reseller_pref -u JDoe -manage_spamfilter false

When it is set to true , a reseller will be able to manage Spam Filter settings for individual mailboxes in:

Domains > example.com > Mail > mailbox > Spam Filter

Otherwise (if set to false ), Spam Filter tab will be missing for a reseller's domains.

More details about reseller_pref utility are available in Reference for Command-Line Utilities in Plesk for Linux .

Note that enabling this option for a reseller will lock reseller's account from syncing with it's service plan. For more details about reseller's service plans from admin's perspective, visit Plesk Administrator Guide .

It is not possible to grant a reseller with any other options to manage SpamAssassin settings: only Plesk admin has all required permissions.

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