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    Win Techs



    How can we automate.


    -e <backup_info_xml> <output_file> Export backup from local repository to file

    I would like to retrieve latest xml from server / client repository and export them to UNC path with same xml name used as zip

    "%plesk_bin%\php" -d auto_prepend_file="" C:\fullbackup.php -e %XML_varible% \\UNC\

    My task would be to achieve export from local repository directly to remote as not use another backup run.


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    Nikolay Zhmuk

    Hi, it is not possible to achieve such goal by Plesk functionality. However, this is possible to configure FTP repository as a remote backup storage:

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    Marcin Gorecki (Edited )



    Is it possible to modify the -e option to produce the same output for incremental updates as the UI does (full + incremental in one file)?

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @Marcin, Hi! There is no need to use this script to achieve what you want. You can run native Plesk utility:

    # plesk sbin pmm-ras --export-dump-as-file --dump-specification=backup_info_1711101918_1711101930.xml --dump-file-specification=/root/incremental_backup222 --include-increments

    --dump-specification    -    defines the path to .xml file of the backup
    --dump-file-specification    -    defines the path to new backup file

    If you want to get verbose output, run the utility with --verbose and --debug options

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