Plesk Domain not in sync in OA


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Plesk Domain not in sync in OA

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 11.x for Linux


Plesk domain has the status "In Sync - No" in the Customer Control Panel. The customer can not log in to Plesk from the Operations Automation (OA) Customer Control Panel and is prompted for the admin password. (cause 2)


  1. There are no free IPs in the Plesk client's pool in Plesk.
  2. The Plesk admin password was changed directly in Plesk, so OA cannot log in in Plesk to perform operations.
  3. The end-user already created a domain on the Plesk side manually, so OA gets an error stating that domain already exists.


Sometimes the real fail message can be found in table psa_domains of the OA database:

plesk=> select fail_message from psa_domains where domain_name = '[domain_name]';
  1. All IPs on VPS are configured as exclusive in Plesk and have domains assigned. To solve the issue:

    • Make one of the IPs shared in Plesk.
    • Add more IPs to VPS.
    • Resubmit domain to Plesk from Hosting CP in OA.
  2. Make sure the passwords for Plesk and OA match:

    • Log in via SSH to the Virtuozzo container where Plesk is installed and run the following command to get the Plesk admin password:

      ~# /usr/local/psa/bin/admin --show-password
    • In the OA database, change the password to the correct one:

      plesk=> begin; update psa set passwd = '<new_password>', fail_message = '' where sub_id = <subscription_id>;
      plesk=> commit;
    • Resubmit the domain to Plesk from the Hosting Control Panel in OA.

  3. In the OA debug log, you may find the following line:

    Aug  9 11:01:49 osscore : DBG [1:1204:b3f08b90:291563 1:30084:b4372b90 lib]: [task:5708253 PleskBridge::<unnamed>::checkResult] {module_id="PleskBridge"; code="2"} 1007 : Domain adding was failed. Error: Domain <domain_name> already exists.

    If so: Login to Plesk as admin and verify that the domain is there. Move the mouse over the domain. You will see domain_id in the status bar in your browser. Alternatively, use the Plesk database to find the ID:

        mysql> select id,cr_date,name,displayName,cl_id from domains where name='<domain_name>';
    • Update the records for the domain in Plesk - set the correct Plesk domain ID, set ready status and set the counter for operations to 3.
      plesk=> begin;
      plesk=> update psa_domains set operations=3,status='r',fail_message='' where psa_id=<psa_id> and domain_name='<domain_name>';
      plesk=> commit;

Note : psa_id can be found in table psa by sub_id (if needed)

Note : 3 is the "ready" counter for operations.

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