How to restore a Plesk xml.tar/ backup file on another Plesk server




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    Hiten Patel (Edited )

    Hi Kuzma Ivanov,

    I have backup of 12.5 and wants to restore on 17.x. i am getting migration error.

    Error: Unable to upload the backup file ( The file either contains modified or corrupted data, or it was created on another server or in an older Plesk version. To restore data from this file, contact your hosting provider.

    I can not see "Upload backup files without a valid signature" in 17.x plesk panel..

    Please suggest


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    Kuzma Ivanov

    Hi Hiten!

    Thanks for your question.

    By default, the option Upload backup files without a valid signature is available only for Plesk administrators.

    I'd suggest you to contact your Plesk administrator and ask him to enable this option for resellers and customers. Here is our KB article for reference:

    After this option is enabled, you will be able to upload a backup file from another Plesk server.

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