How to set up access to webmail via hostname on Plesk for Linux server




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    Patrick Meppe (Edited )

    It worked perfectly. I'm using Plesk Onyx.


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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Patrick, thank you for the feedback.

    Glad to hear that the provided solution helped.

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    Anon Admin

    I have followed these directions and the sub-domain has changed; however if you do this some features no longer work properly such as opening mail accounts from within the Plesk web GUI or using the Plesk built in Let's Encrypt tool.

    It would be really nice if this was fixed or better yet if Plesk allowed you to change this easier.

    I think most users would rather user "mail.domain.tld" instead of "webmail.domain.tld" and there really seems to be no reason a setting for webmail sub-domain can't be implemented.

    A quick google search will show you complaints about this since at least 2014 but all the official Plesk responses I've seen dismiss this as an unwanted/unneeded feature.

    Please keep in mind that for every person who make an account to complain about this represents many more users suffering in silence.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Anon, thank you for sharing this idea. I have created a feature suggestion.

    In case, the idea will be popular, the feature will be implemented in future Plesk updates.

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