Can I pay for a Plesk license yearly?


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Can I pay for a Plesk license yearly?

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Q: Can I pay for Plesk license yearly?

A: Only monthly lease and 1-year lease licenses are available for purchase at . If you would like to purchase a multi-year license for 2 or 3 years, please contact Plesk Sales team to clarify your options.

Q: I have a monthly lease license purchased from Plesk Online Store. Can I pay for it on yearly basis or pay for it once in 2, 3 or more months?

A: License renewal cycle cannot be switched from monthly lease to yearly lease, or back. 2, 3 or more months renewal cycle is not supported. Switch between 1-Year, 2-Year, and 3-Year cycles is neither supported.

If you want to change billing period for your subscription, you would need to cancel your current license (as described in the article ) and purchase a new one with the required billing cycle:

Purchase process is described here:

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