How to change Apache default charset on Plesk server




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    What if encoding is still incorrect (for German umlauts) after these changes? They still display as '?' with black background.

    The html files have been transferred okay and are identical to the ones I have used at the same hosting service before (but different server) where German umlauts have been displayed just fine. Plesk's Apache, php and nginx settings are identical to the ones I have used on the previous server. The .htaccess file in the files' directory is also identical.

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    Alisa Kasyanova


    Question marks instead of umlauts usually appear when the files use ISO-8859-1, but additional directives are UTF-8.
    You may check the charset with `file` command: `file /path/to/file`.
    Also check the MySQL as well, it may be needed to change the collation there.

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