What is Plesk Migrator?


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What is Plesk Migrator?


Plesk Migrator is a new extension available since Plesk 12.5.

This is the migration tool that Plesk provides for migration to the latest Plesk versions.

It has pre-migration checks, post-migration checks, error reporting features and more to make the migration to Plesk process easy.

 Supports migration to the following target platforms:

  • Plesk Onyx, Plesk Onyx Multi-Server, Plesk 12.5

 Supports migration from the following source platforms:

  • Plesk 8.6-12.5 (Linux and Windows)

  • CPanel, Confixx, Helm, Expand, Pro Contro Panel

 Can be also used to migrate from:

  • any older Plesk versions

  • other control panels

  • any other hosting environment

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