How can I verify Tomcat service works on my Parallels Plesk Panel?


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How can I verify Tomcat service works on my Parallels Plesk Panel?


Parallels Plesk Panel uses regular Tomcat server that comes with your operating system. There are two ways to access the JSP application on the Plesk server: through the 9080 port and through the 80 port.

If you access the application using the 9080 port (e.g., http://domain.tld:9080/WebAppName ), you get a response directly from the Tomcat server.

Check that the port is listening on your IP addresses:

~# netstat -plant|grep 9080
tcp 0 0 :::9080 :::* LISTEN 20018/java

If you open http://domain.tld/WebAppName/ , then you access the Apache Web server, which forwards the request to Tomcat on the 9008 port by mod_jk (package psa-mod_jk ).


To verify Tomcat functioning on a domain:

  1. Make sure " Tomcat Java " is installed and configured on the server.

  2. Make sure your hosting plan allows Java application: “ Java applications ” in Resources, “ Java applications management ” in Permissions.

  3. Make sure Java Applications is enabled for your domain:

    CP > Websites & Domains > Show Advanced Operations > Java Applications

  4. Create a WAR archive from the "examples" application that is distributed with your Tomcat. To do this, create a ZIP archive of the directory with the Tomcat examples application.

For Tomcat 5:

cd /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/jsp-examples
zip -r examples5.war ./

For Tomcat6:

cd /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/examples/jsp
zip -r examples6.war ./

Then upload this WAR through the Plesk CP, restart Apache to force the web-applications to work immediately, and check to see if it works.

If there are any problems with Tomcat, examine catalina.out for errors. It is usually located in /var/log/tomcat6/catalina.out (or /var/log/tomcat5/catalina.ou t).

Additional information

It is not possible to manage Tomcat service

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