How to install Plesk?


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How to install Plesk?

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How to install Plesk?


Before installing Plesk, refer to Plesk System Requirements page for Linux or for Windows and make sure that your server meets the necessary hardware and software requirements.

If it does, continue by downloading the proper autoinstaller binary of Plesk for Linux or Windows .


Set executable permissions for the autoinstaller:

# chmod +x plesk-installer

Start it:


You will be offered a choice of Plesk versions. One of the next steps will be to select the required components.

After you have selected the components, go to the next step and confirm the installation. Pay attention to any warnings that might appear.

When Plesk is installed successfully, it can be accessed through https://<ip_address_or_hostname>:8443 . Here, you will need to apply the license agreement and the license key.

When you have done this and completed the registration form, Plesk is ready to use.


Run the autoinstaller ( plesk-installer.exe ). A browser window will open, where you will need to authorize yourself by entering your administrator credentials. You should open ports 8443 and 8447 to be able to run the installer.

In the browser window, choose Install or Upgrade Product , specify the necessary parameters and the components that are about to be installed, and follow the on-screen instructions.

After the installation is finished, you can access the panel through https://<ip_address_or_hostname>:8443 or https://localhost:8443 from the server itself.

NOTE : Refer to our Knowledge Base at or contact Plesk Technical Support for assistance in resolving errors that may appear during the installation process.

Additional information can be found in the Plesk documentation .

Please note that you need to open the following ports for Plesk to function correctly.

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