Wordpress is not shown in Plesk GUI


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Wordpress is not shown in Plesk GUI

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.5
  • Plesk 12.0
  • Plesk Onyx


WordPress Toolkit is not available in Plesk.


WordPress Toolkit is absent in Plesk because there is no Wordpress Toolkit add-on on a license that is used to activate Plesk server.

Wordpress Toolkit is enabled for the following Plesk editions:

  • Web PRO Edition
  • Web HOST Edition

It is also available as a paid add-on for:

  • Web ADMIN edition
  • Web APP edition

To check whether the license key supports Wordpress, go to Tools & Settings > License Management . Find the line WordPress Toolkit that will display either On , or Off .


Re-activate Plesk with Web Pro or Web Host license, or buy a paid add-on for Web Admin or Web App editions. For assistance with license purchase or replacement, contact Licensing and Purchase Support .

Additional information:

For detailed information about all Plesk editions, visit:

213903085 Plesk available editions and difference between them

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