How to generate certificate signing request (CSR) for a domain in Plesk




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    facing an issue while generating CSR , any one can help me on call support

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    Nikolay Voytko

    @partha.das what kind of issue you faced? Could you please provide an example?

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    sia rez

    I am missing the “SSL/TLS Certificate” that is highlighted in the very first screenshot. This is what mine looks like:What to do?

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @sia rez, Hi!

    Most likely you are using Windows Server 2008 and the subscription is assigned to shared IP address. Please note, that Windows Server 2008 does not support SNI. If this is the case, refer to There is no "Secure Your Sites" option for domain in Plesk article.

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    sia rez (Edited )

    @Bulat I'm actually on Ubuntu 14.04

    So I switched from “Power User” view to “Service Provider” view and the SSL/TLS Certificate appeared. And now I can even see it in the “Power User” view. Not sure why!

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @sia rez, I also cannot reproduce this in test environment. Anyway, glad to hear you sorted that out. If you find the exact steps how to make SSL/TLS Certificates option not visible, let us know.

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    Mohamed Adil

    How to create SAN CSR on plesk GUI or windows CLI

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    Maxim Krasikov

    Hello, @Mohamed Adil,

    Plesk doesn't provide the functionality to create a CSR for a SAN certificate.

    This task should be performed according to Windows documentation.

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