mod_perl, mod_python, mod_php Apache modules are not installed by default in Plesk




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    Fouad Ahmed Fouad

    File security with mod_php could be resolved by using other modules like mod_ruid2 which will enable every web site to work under its user owner such as FastCGI.

    Mod_php still needed in some scenarios such as when using a shared folder among web sites, some companies use Plesk to manage their own web sites and not as a shared hosting platform, so they have shared folders among web sites to store shared big images folders among web sites, I have a like scenario which a folder of 150G is shared among about 8 web sites.


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    Ivan Postnikov (Edited )

    Hello @Fouad, 

    As it is stated in this article, Apache doesn’t allow multiple versions of PHP using mod_phpmod_php can be enabled only for OS PHP.
    To enable mod_php for OS PHP check Apache handler is not available in Plesk article.

    Please, note that enabling the mod_php Apache handler is not safe as it is outdated and insecure.
    Check this article for instructions to add PHP modules.

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    Fouad Ahmed Fouad

    Hello Ivan,

          Some companies have to use mod_php on its own Plesk servers because they share code among their web sites, please note that not ALL companies are using Plesk for web hosting!

    For now I try on Obsedian to enable mod_php and when I tried to visit the links you recommended it says,

    You're not authorized to access this page

    This company for example share a folder which its size is about 500G among web sites hosted on their own Plesk, I need mod_php so I can use Apache user to be able to read and write to this folder from all sites hosted at Plesk, can you recommend another solution?

    I know i could greate a new group and add all web site system users to it so they share folders but I see to use mod_php is easier as this server has that config and it works well. please advise?


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    Yulia Plokhotnikova

    Hi @Fouad Ahmed Fouad,

    Indeed, the article was hidden as enabling mod_php can lead to serious security issues. But I will send instructions for you here so that you can enable it on your side:

    1. In Plesk, go to Tools & Settings > Apache Web Server:

      1.1. Change the MPM mode to Prefork.

      1.2. Click Apply.

      1.3. Enable the 'php5' module.

      1.4. Click OK.

      • Additionally on Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions, connect to a Plesk server via SSH and apply the following commands additionally:

        touch /var/lib/apache2/module/disabled_by_admin/mpm_event
        # touch /var/lib/apache2/module/enabled_by_admin/mpm_prefork
        # touch /var/lib/apache2/module/enabled_by_admin/php5

    2. Then, go to Tools & Settings > PHP Settings. and enable the Apache mod_php handler.

    3. To set the Apache mod_php handler for a domain, go to Domains > > PHP Settings: Select PHP version by OS vendor and run PHP as mod_php.

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