Unable to import a database in Plesk: UNKNOWN CHARACTER SET: utf8mb4




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    Jan van Leeuwen

    I would need the DB to be unicode compatible, that is not the case with utf8/utf8_general_ci.

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @Jan van Leeuwen, Hi! If I got you right, the best decision for you would be 'utf8_unicode_ci' collation instead of 'utf8_general_ci'. 

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    Jan van Leeuwen

    You are right, I found it after searching for other solutions, thanks anyway, the problem is solved.

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    Noam Harel (Edited )

    please write how to upgrade mariaDB in plesk 12.5, i have the same problem but there is no available upgrade

    BTW-  the server says i have mysql 5.5 so this is wierd

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    Pavel Mikhaylov (Edited )

    Hello Noam,

    If you wish to substitute MySQL with MariaDB, please refer to this page: https://docs.plesk.com/en-US/12.5/advanced-administration-guide-linux/services-management/database-server.72943/

    Although, doing that, please perform all the actions with caution and do not shy away from backing up data.

    As for the issue with the database, running the command from the second step on the source server (if there is any) should help.

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