What is license grace period in Plesk?




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    John Lloyd (Edited )

    I have the same issue. Key expiration is shown as • May 2 2020 (today is 7 May) but there is no • Next license key update. Selecting the Retrieve Keys option as per the warning message instructions returns this message:

    Key Update Status

    Unable to connect to license server https://ka.plesk.com/xmlrpc.
    cURL error description: Could not resolve host: ka.plesk.com; Host not found(6)


    And the email response to the above says this

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello John Lloyd

    This error message means that your server is unable to resolve the hostname of ka.plesk.com.

    Please, check the network settings of your server and make sure that DNS server is set. If not, you may use (Google DNS server).

    In case this wouldn't help, follow recommendations from this article: https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000256834

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    Leo Contador

    Hey there,
    I've just come across the same warning - 'Warning: You are currently operating within the grace period of your product license. To update your product license, select the Retrieve Keys option on the License Management page.'

    When I click the link, I get:

    Server Error

    500 PleskFatalException

    Permission denied.

    Type PleskFatalException
    Message Permission denied.
    File key_info.php



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