What is license grace period in Plesk


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What is license grace period in Plesk

Applicable to:

  • Plesk


I login to Plesk and I can see the following warning:Warning: You are currently operating within the grace period of your product license. To update your product license, select the Retrieve Keys option on the License Management page.

What is grace period of license in Plesk? When does it start and when does it end?


First take a look at Home > Tools & Settings > License Management and notice two parameters:

  • Next license key update
  • Key expiration date

The above warning is shown when the Next license key update came, but the license was not yet updated for some reason. Plesk will try to update the license every day via a daily cron task and when the license gets updated the warning will no longer be displayed.

During grace period all Plesk services are working as usual only the warning displayed.

However, if license update would not complete successfully until the Key expiration date, Plesk services will be stopped and manual license update/reupload will be required.

If Plesk installation cannot communicate with the license server for some reason (license updates are impossible), the grace period would start on the Next license key update and end on the Key expiration date.

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