[HUB] Apache default page is shown on Plesk server




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    I would like to share my crazy experience. I had the same problem, although only intermittently and only on a newly created website. Basically, on each reload the website would look differently because it would try to load some files from the actual websites, while it tried to get others from the default website.

    After hours of running plesk repair, comparing configurations, and swearing... I finally had the idea to not just restart apache, but actually stop it. After stopping, I checked if any apache processes were running. Sure enough, there were some processes running. After killing those and starting apache, all was good!

    So basically, depending on which process got the request, it either already had the new configuration where it knew the new website, or it did not. Damn!!!

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    Ivan Postnikov


    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Other Pleskians may find it useful!

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