Cannot open phpMyAdmin for the database in Plesk: Access denied for user




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    Norbert Harms

    Hm, ...wondering

    Before, with WHM, no problem at all, easy access all databases via phpMyAdmin.

    Now after I'd moved to Plesk, within one domain I can:

    1. access 2 databases with phpMyAdmin without any problem
    2. access another 2 databases but need to Login
    3. not access the 5th databases as it throws me an access denied

    I try to wrap my brain around that puzzle but am unable to come up with an explanation.


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    Norbert Harms

    Figured it out.

    IC, MySQL on Plesk behaves totally different.

    I went into user management of One database, which always asked me for login details when trying to access phpMyAdmin within Plesk, and tried to change password (very slightly, though) and the I couldn't save it. Got a warning the the password is too weak, according to MySQL rules.

    AHA, there we go. Changed it to a complete different PW but Most Important, at a strength level MySQL could accept and look at that, Now I can access the database using the phpMyAdmin link in Plesk.

    A simple solution but one needs to know that.

    Admin, perhaps you can use this info for the other people with the same or similar issue.

    You may mark this post as solved.


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