How can I change payment method /change credit card details in my Plesk Online Store account?




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    Richard Anthony Secor (Edited )

    I wish CleverBridge had a way to easily change your payment information on file for subscriptions.

    Right now you have to contact them and wait for a "unique" link so you can change it.  I am not even sure this is in line with banking rules and regulations to make people wait to change the payment information they have stored.

    I did find this:

    However, that link to "Manage your subscription" does not show up on the order information. 

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Richard Anthony Secor

    Thank you for the feedback.

    To resolve the licensing issue, please, submit a request here:

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    cacarr (Edited )

    Having to email Cleverbridge to get a link is *absolute garbage* -- in fact, having to deal with Cleverbridge at all is an awful experience.

    It should not take 12+ hours to change your payment method, not in the year 2020. This is about as painful as dealing with some government bureaucracy's crappy website.

    Get rid of Cleverbridge and handle subscriptions yourself, please -- or switch to a company that allows one to simply log into one's account and change their payment method, etc, directly.

    Come on.

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    Shannon Stange

    I don't know why Plesk would build such an unfriendly account system for it's customers. Changing a credit card on an account should not be this difficult.

    If you are looking for answers here don't bother talking to Plesk support. Instead, here's a shortcut to Cleverbridge support:

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  • Seriously! Is this the way to change payment method? never seen such a complicated process before.

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    Michael Soker

    Requesting a link from a third party to manage payment details is very strange and has potential  security risks.

    That, and having to change Chrome cookie settings just to access this Support area is another odd Plesk inconvenience.

    For those reasons, we will discontinue with Plesk.

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