Does Plesk support any cluster solutions?




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    "The top-ranked suggestions are likely to be included in the next versions of Plesk" - This one is already a top-ranked feature in UserVoice portal, with lots of votes & comments. Any updates on this?


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    Denis Bykov

    The discussion regarding the implementation of support for a failover scenario is taking place both internally and externally.
    Currently, the vision of Plesk users on how this should be implemented is very important, therefore do not hesitate to provide further feedback on this idea.

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    Dennis Rahmen

    @Denis Bykov 

    As you sad "the vision of Plesk users on how this should be implemented is very important". Therefore in March we could answer several question regarding how we would use the feature and what would be most important to us.


    1. top-ranked suggestion - Check ✔
    2. further feedback - Check ✔
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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Dennis Rahmen

    That's true that feature popularity and available information are factors that could crucially speed up the implementation.

    However, this particular functionality is more a special case because required big changes of Plesk logic to no longer be a single-server solution.

    Right now no ETA can be provided. Stay tuned for the status here

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    Automata (Edited )

    Hi dear Plesk Team,

    Any news about the Plesk feature request for HA (High Availability) Cluster and  LB (Load Balancing) Cluster ?

    This feature request on Plesk Uservoice it is the most requested and voted in absolute, in fact it is in place number 1, have over 1252 votes, over 153 comments and was created on 31 December 2013 so over 7 years and 11 months ago (also on March 10, 2020 you also created a survey for this feature request) !!!

    How is it possible that the Plesk Team failed to implement it in over 2910 days (almost 8 years) ?

    I can understand that it involves a fair amount of work and many changes in Plesk but almost 8 years of time seems more than enough to implement this feature request, also considering that Plesk is not free and also costs a lot, you should offer more to your paying customers.

    After nearly 8 years of waiting, over 1252 votes and over 153 comments, it would be much more serious of you to make it clear that you will never implement this feature request !!!

    I look forward to receiving an official and definitive response from the Plesk Team here.

    Thanks in advance for the support.

    Sincerely, Automata.

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    Phi Nguyen

    Hi Team Plesk,

    Is there any information about Plesk using HA (High Availability) Cluster and LB (Load Balancing) Cluster?

    Can you tell me the roadmap for this solution?

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