Plesk is not accessible: ERROR: bad arguments (key_info.php:32)




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    Bug #PPP-30145 have been fixed in Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 Update 20

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    wael razouk

    same issue now . with onyx 17.5.3 

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    Nick Plekhov

    Hello @wael razouk
    Please install the latest micro-updates according to this guide.

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    wael razouk

    @nick Plekhov 

    thx for u answer . i just did according to the guide . 

    I was connected to my plesk server via ssh 

    then i ran the command : plesk installer update --repatch

    and the result was succeseful  : 

    "All patches were applied.

    Patches were installed successfully.

    The changes were applied successfully."

    but when i want to connect to my plesk dasboard it s always same error .plz can u help me ? 

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    Dinara Aspembitova (Edited )

    Hello @wael razouk,

    Try to regenerate your license key file using the following CLI command:

    1. Connect to the server using SSH/ RDP;
    2. Run the command with specifying your activation code for your Plesk license
    (You'll need to type your activation code for your Plesk license - Notice that this key is an example):
    plesk bin license -i

    If the issue still persists please contact Plesk support 

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    wael razouk

    thx . for ur answer @Dinara . plz help me asap .
    when i tried to regenerate my licence key that i received from ovh 

    "This license key is detected as terminated. No further actions with this license key are allowed" 

    how can i reactivate my licence key without enterring my dashboard ? 

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    Anzhelika Khapaknysh

    Hello @wael razouk,

    Check the solution from this article.
    If it won't help, contact our Customer Success Team for assistance. 

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